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Resident Evil News

Xbox Game Pass adds Resident Evil 4 - 1 min read

RE4 comes to Game Pass.

Resident Evil 4 Xbox

Xbox Game Pass owners have an old classic added to the roster to look forward to, Resident Evil 4. As of today, Xbox Game Pass members can download Resident Evil 4. However, this only applies to Game Pass on Xbox One as those with PC Game Pass will be getting Unavowed

As a result, we feel like the Xbox One users definitely have a better deal. (Though we might be a bit biased)

Resident Evil 4:


Resident Evil 4 follows now Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy on a mission to rescue Ashley, the kidnapped President’s daughter. Taking place in rural Europe, Leon faces the new Las Plagas parasites and the Los Illuminados cult. To clarify, they are the mysterious cult behind the kidnapping. Most importantly, Leon teams up with new friends and faces old foes from the series in this classic departure.

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Resident Evil News

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Resident Evil News

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