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Resident Evil 3 Gamergen Leak
Resident Evil 3 Gamergen Leak

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When to Likely Expect the Resident Evil 3 Demo

Previous releases might give a roadmap.

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This week has been huge for Resident Evil 3 news.

Over the weekend, we were treated to an Imgur leak that exposed a ton of screenshots from the gaming media playthroughs last week before the embargo was lifted. Then on Tuesday, we got the official release with even more screenshot and something all of the community has been longing for, gameplay.

We got to see a lot of really great stuff from the game, including the redesigned Gamma Hunters, Drain Deimos, and of course, encounters with the Nemesis. While some fans have criticized that too many spoilers have been leaked about the remake, I’d personally have to disagree.

Remember this is just a 20-year-old game brought back to life on modern hardware.

We know there’s a lot of changes, but at its core, the main gist of the story is already there for anyone that owned the original. Now I get that for newer fans of the franchise this might be a whole new experience, but from what I’ve seen of the gameplay footage from various sources, a lot is still left out and there’s plenty of jump cuts and things out of sequence to ensure that the footage doesn’t completely show you what to expect from the game.

Now about that Resident Evil 3 demo

Not only did we get all of these goodies on Tuesday, but Capcom also came out an answered that’s been on everyone’s mind, are we getting a demo?

Well, it turned out that the answer was YES! Capcom took to Twitter and made the announcement that a demo for Resident Evil 3 was indeed happening and it was coming “soon”.

But what is soon? Of course with the game 36 days away from release, “soon” is running out. Some fans have speculated we could see the demo before the month ends this weekend, I’m not so hopeful.

I think the answer is literally staring us in the face based on previous releases.

My prediction

I’m predicting a release somewhere around the third week of March.

Quite simply because it’s one of the most popular weeks in the Resident Evil community. March 22nd is the release anniversary of both Resident Evil in 1996 and the Remake in 2002, and the 20th is also the release anniversary of Operation Raccoon City from 2012.

It just makes sense. A week that’s already got a lot of nostalgia attached to it makes sense to see a reimagining of a childhood favorite. Now I don’t think Capcom is going to release on the 22nd because for one it’s a Sunday and two that’s the day this all “began” with the original.

More realistically I’m thinking either the 17th or the 20th. The 17th because it’s a Tuesday and Capcom keeps dropping RE3 concept art on Tuesdays so I feel that might be a pattern leading up to something.

The 20th is also looking good because it is the release-day of Operation Raccoon City which also features Nemesis and gives us a larger look of the city much like it seems the remake is going to do as well, so it seems fitting. Plus it’s a Friday, so it’d give gamers the whole weekend to enjoy the demo before they go back to work and wait an extra week and a half for the actual release.

If it does come that week, I see the latter as the more sensible option.

No matter when it releases, we’ll be ready for it and will be covering any breaking developments as we get closer to launch.

What are your thoughts/predictions on the release date? Let us know!

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