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Resident Evil 3 Gamergen Leak
Resident Evil 3 Gamergen Leak

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What We Could Expect to See From Resident Evil 3 Gameplay

Thoughts on what we’ve seen so far.

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Tomorrow the Resident Evil community should be abuzz with new information on the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3. As we understand from the leaked screenshot data (thanks GAMERGEN.COM), the embargo will be lifted as press outlets will be allowed to talk on what they got to see.

Though all the screenshots have already been posted everywhere, there’s one thing we haven’t really seen from Capcom that should make an appearance tomorrow, gameplay.

This is something many fans are ready to see, screenshots are one thing actual gameplay is another. Many fans have already noted that at this time leading up to the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay was available and a demo was right around the corner.

Before tomorrow’s hopeful release of gameplay footage, I wanted to do a rundown of what I’ve noticed so far from the leaked images we saw over the weekend.

What the hell are these?!

Probably the most commented phrase on our Facebook when we posted these screenshots of the creatures in the leaked screenshots.

So what are we looking at here? We’ve at least (as a community) established the creature on the left is a Hunter Gamma, based on the legs and pustules as we’ve seen in the past incarnations of them. Noticeable additions, however, would be the teeth and tail, though the other Hunter we saw in the trailer also had a tail, so no real surprise that it would be added to the Gamma as well.

The real question is, what is on the right above? Many have speculated this confirms the return of the Grave Digger based on its 4 quadrant mouth and teeth. Though just taking a wild guess, it looks to be in sequence with two other screenshots of the Hunter Gamma. One being further awhile, then closer, then this open mouth look. While I’m really hoping to see a return of the Grave Diggers, I’m not convinced this is what the screenshot implies. I simply think it’s a new Gamma attack, which would explain the larger amount of teeth on the rims of the mouth as we see in the Gamma redesign.

T-virus induced Nightmares

Now I’ll admit when I first saw these screenshots, I was excited. BOTH Brain Suckers and Drain Deimos making a return? Wonderful! But I’ve ultimately burst my own bubble on that. I thought at first the legs of the two were different, (the first a Sucker and the second a Deimo). Though upon closer inspection the images you can see that all the legs are the same on both and that leads me to believe this is only one creature.

Deimos are created from fleas injected with the T-virus and this looks very flea-like. So I’m putting my money on this being a Deimo. Not to say we won’t see both in-game, I’m just thinking these particular images are one.

Crows and Giant Spiders

Though fans have been calling for their return since the RE2 remake, one thing we didn’t see were dogs, spiders, or crows. Now it would be a safe assumption since they were in the RE2 remake we will see dogs coming back again. However, I feel it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing crows or our Arachnid friends returning since they were also absent in the last remake, though the former was teased.

Those are just my thoughts though. Hopefully, we’ll see more in the next few days and maybe *fingers crossed* a demo in the near future. What do you think? Let us know below!

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