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Resident Evil News

Resident Evil Showcase Expectations - 5 min read

Resident Evil Showcase

Today’s Resident Evil Showcase is likely to prove that Capcom is fully prepared to start the year of their 25th Anniversary off with a bang.

While we don’t know fully what to expect except for Resident Evil Village updates at today’s events, there’s no shortage of theories and likelihoods arising from the Resident Evil community as Capcom promised in a Tweet to expect “lots more Resident Evil news” at today’s event.

What we do know will be at the event

We do know that the Resident Evil Showcase will be hosted by Brittney Brombacher of the What’s Good Games Podcast and that Resident Evil Village Producers Peter Fabiano and Tsuyoshi Kanda will be in attendance to showcase a new Village trailer as well as gameplay.

Resident Evil Village News to likely expect

Other than the reveal of a new trailer and gameplay for Village, not much else is set in stone, but with the game releasing this year, here’s what we believe could also be announced for the game today:

  • Demo date
  • Release date
  • Confirmation of last-gen releases
  • Pre-order date
  • Collector’s Edition

These rank among the most likely possibilities to see today at the Resident Evil Showcase as Village is going to be taking the majority of the spotlight for the event. The most two interesting things here will be if Capcom finally confirms if they were able to make a product they are happy with for last-gen consoles and if a demo will be announced.

Leaked information from the Ragnar hack would suggest that Sony will have timed exclusivity for a demo on the PS5, and with Sony heavily promoting the Resident Evil Showcase with free avatars, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Information on the Resident Evil multiplayer also likely

Capcom also surprised fans with the announcement that there will be a closed beta on PS4 and Xbox One for an upcoming Resident Evil multiplayer game that is seemingly tied to Village at the end of the month.

With the beta starting only a few days after the Resident Evil Showcase, and the fact that in the Showcase teaser, Tsuyoshi Kanda seems to be standing in front of a uniquely redesigned Main Hall of the R.P.D., it’s likely that we might see a snippet of gameplay or a trailer for this other title.

Resident Evil Showcase
Image: Capcom

At the least, it’s almost a guarantee it will be spoken about at the Resident Evil Showcase.

Resident Evil News that is kinda likely

While Capcom’s promise of “lots more Resident Evil news” is vague, there’s no shortage of Resident Evil happenings of going on to speculate what could also be talked about at today’s event. Here are just a few things on the list:

  • Information on Resident Evil Infinite Darkness
  • Information on the Resident Evil reboot movie
  • Information on live-action Netflix series
  • 25th Anniversary plans announced

As optimistic as we want to be about the event, these would be nice to see but most probably aren’t likely. With March around the corner, it would make sense for Capcom to start laying out what they have planned to celebrate 25 years of survival horror, but that where the likely information ends.

Resident Evil 25th Anniversary
Image: Capcom

Since the Resident Evil reboot just recently wrapped up filming it doubtful something will be shown about it, and there’s been little to no new information on the live-action series involving Wesker’s daughters, so we’re not holding our breath for that to change at this event. Infinite Darkness seems the most likely, but maybe a short discussion of the plot would be to expect as the reveal trailer still isn’t that old.

What to not expect but would be cool to see

Capcom’s countdown for the showcase using newer styled versions of Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3‘s menus set fans ablaze with speculation and is still easily my most favourite rumour in recent Resident Evil history, but don’t get your hopes up too much. It’s a fun idea, but it’s really on the low end of the likelihood scale.

What to definitely NOT EXPECT at the Resident Evil Showcase

Any information on the potential Resident Evil 4 remake.

We will be officially co-streaming the Resident Evil Showcase live on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube at 2:00 PM PST. It should prove to be an interesting event and one to not miss!

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