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Resident Evil x The Walking Dead
Resident Evil x The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead Survivors Game Rips Off Resident Evil 2 Artwork

Well, that’s obvious…

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The Walking Dead and Resident Evil are both successful zombie-themed franchises, but they don’t have much in common. The Walking Dead focuses on the dark side of humanity when society crumbles, whereas Resident Evil focuses on shooting mutant supermonsters coated with ooze and eyeballs. They are not the same thing.

They certainly have something in common now. The Walking Dead: Survivors is a free-to-play mobile game that you may have seen advertised before a YouTube video. The marketing team for this game evidently struggled to come up with original artwork, so they stole inspiration from the Resident Evil 2 remake cover art.

In fact, they stole far too much inspiration because it’s essentially the same thing.

These two photos are nearly carbon replicas of each other, as pointed out by Twitter user UweBollocks. The one on the right is a genuine Instagram commercial for the mobile app, with no effort taken to differentiate it from the original.

The building in the background, the zombie placement, the color scheme, the lighting, and even the way the two Walking Dead protagonists are holding their weapons are all identical to the Resident Evil 2 remake cover art. It appears that The Walking Dead: Survivors‘ marketing team did nothing more than strip out Leon and Claire and replace them with generic characters.

And, based on a tweet by KevinMKruse, it appears to be exactly what they did.

Claire’s gun can be seen peeking out from beneath the female Walking Dead: Survivor figure. They basically just pasted over Claire’s hands and then neglected to remove them.

The Instagram commercial, predictably, has since been removed. As of now, neither the production team behind The Walking Dead: Survivors nor the marketing team responsible for the advertisement has responded.

Source: TheGamer

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