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Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village’s Absolutely Wacky Pop Song Music Video

This is… something

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Everyone should be capable of laughing at themselves every now and then. Video game companies are no exception, and while sometimes that sort of mindset leads to “Hello, fellow kids” territory, it can also produce some comedy gold.

Such is the case with Capcom’s newest Resident Evil Village weirdo stunt; a Japanese pop song called “I Don’t Like This Village Lv.100”, sung by famous Enka singer Yoshi Ikuzo, complete with a music video.

In this music video, Yoshi sings about the game in classic Enka fashion. The juxtaposition of the poppy, upbeat music set across from the violent and horrific gameplay footage creates a hilarious combination. On top of it, Yoshi gets a few moments in where he reacts to various elements and scenes from the game.

Yoshi refers to Resident Evil Village‘s Lady Dimitrescu as “kyuuketsu neechan”. He calls her “vampire big sis”. That’s pure gold, especially for the anime-loving weeb crowd.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

It’s absolutely worth a watch, and helps us to remember that Capcom, at the end of it all, wants to have some fun.

We’ll be seeing all of the Resident Evil Village elements showcased here (sans Yoshi, sadly), come May 7th!

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