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Unlock Nightmare Mode in Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 Nicholai
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The second hardest difficulty in Resident Evil 3 remake is Nightmare Mode. In the beginning, the game starts with three difficulties: Assisted, Normal, and Hardcore.

The complicated modes, like Nightmare and Inferno, will be unlocked by the completion of a certain mission. At the beginning of the game, these modes are initially greyed out.

Resident Evil 3 60fps Zombies
Image: Capcom

Enemies act more violently during Nightmare, attacks are much harder, and enemies and objects appear in various areas, making it an even more challenging experience than the previous difficulties.

Unlock Resident Evil 3’s Nightmare Mode

You must first beat the game in Hardcore to unlock Nightmare. In Hardcore, you only need to complete a Standard playthrough of the game, so you don’t have to worry about ranking or score. Nightmare Mode is next, as long as you are able to finish the campaign in Hardcore.

The game is relatively short, taking about 6 hours to beat a run, so it might be something hardcore players would want to do to get the most out of their game to unlock the tougher difficulties.

Resident Evil 3 also has a harder difficulty than Inferno, Nightmare. The player must beat the game in Nightmare Mode to unlock Inferno Mode.

In Resident Evil 3, this is the hardest challenge. As enemy spawns are more hostile and items are much more restricted, it will take some time for the most hardcore Resident Evil players to get through.

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