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Two New Masterminds Revealed for Resident Evil Resistance

This seems to be the case, as Capcom has revealed TWO new Masterminds for their asymmetrical multiplayer mode, bringing the total up to four so far.

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Waiting for news on Resident Evil 3 has been an interesting ride. A lot of information has been given to us, both about the story changes and the new gameplay. The multiplayer component, Resident Evil Resistance, hasn’t been as prevalent in the news. While we’ve seen gameplay, there’s surely more to show, right?

Resident Evil Resistance
Image: Capcom

This seems to be the case, as Capcom has revealed TWO new Masterminds for their asymmetrical multiplayer mode, bringing the total up to four so far.

Alex Wesker

Capcom revealed through their Resi Twitter that Alex Wesker, sister to Albert, is the 3rd playable mastermind for the mode.

First of all, excuse me for saying hot damn. They made her VERY attractive.

Second of all, it’s currently a mystery as to what she might use as her special enemy type. Perhaps Capcom will create an updated t-Phobos creature for us to sic on the test subjects.

Resident Evil Resistance
Image: Capcom

An interview with Peter Fabiano also tells us that she’ll have access to something called the Yateveo. New to Resident Evil, the Yateveo is a cryptid, a carnivorous plant known to eat people. Giving her a potentially stationary BOW would make her playstyle wildly different from the other more direct masterminds.

Resident Evil Resistance
Image: Capcom

Ozwell E. Spencer

The 4th mastermind to be revealed is none other than the true catalyst for all of the events of the series: Ozwell E. Spencer, co-founder of Umbrella Corporation.

Only ever seen in person in Resident Evil 5, Spencer has been designed to match his character through gameplay; he never directly opposes the survivors, instead of letting others do the work for him.

He won’t have a controllable BOW, but will instead have a Disintegration Field. Heavily damaging and low on cooldown, this ability will help him shape the way the survivors move through the level.

Resident Evil Resistance
Resident Evil Resistance Map. Image: Capcom

This indirect gameplay flow will mean that, rather than unleashing a major player to the field to shake things up in one decisive moment, Spencer will instead attempt to run the survivors ragged, wearing them down.

Seeing as how this was only just announced today, hopefully, we’ll see something more about these two in the coming days. Gameplay isn’t out of the picture!

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