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New Wesker Actor Says Being In the Resident Evil Movie Felt Like Being In The Game - 2 min read

‘Man, it feels like the game.’

tom hopper resident evil

Fans are still waiting for information on Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City with bated breath. The upcoming movie, directed by Johannes Roberts, is instilling quite a bit of confidence in the Resident Evil fanbase.

To add to that hype, Tom Hopper, who plays series villain Albert Wesker, spoke to Collider about being in the Resident Evil film, and how it felt to fill those combat boots.

I think from an aesthetic point of view, I think the games really influence this well. It is an aesthetic that, certainly when we were shooting it, that I was like, ‘Man, it feels like the game.’ I’m really hoping that fans of the game take something nice away from it, that it’s the game plus more. Plus more of a depth to these characters.

Tom Hopper to Collider

Many players felt that this kind of aesthetic attachment, while superficially present, was sorely lacking in the Anderson films. We’ve talked at length about how Anderson and Jovovich seemed to have lost the plot somewhere between the second and third movies, and many people are hoping to see Johannes Roberts steer away from that this time.

tom hopper resident evil
Image: Looper

The horror director has spoken at length on how much he hopes to harken back to the original feelings of the game series, so hopefully, we don’t have to worry too much. His experience in horror, rather than in video game movies in general, will likely allow him to bring the scares.

Aside from the full title, we don’t know much about the upcoming Resident Evil flick other than the recent pushback to November and some of the plot synopsis. Most likely, though, we’ll get to see a trailer in the near future.

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