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Resident Evil Village’s Two Mysterious Houses - 2 min read

Who could they be?

Resident Evil Village

Upon revealing the map that comes with Resident Evil Village, Capcom also added more secrets to our manila folders.

There’s plenty of things revealed in the Showcase besides this map, but this map does raise a very big question: who is Moreau and Beneviento?

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Heisenberg seems likely to be the shades-wearing hammer wielder. Dimitrescu is the coven of witches, with Alcina at the head. That leaves many questions surrounding the remaining two names on the Resident Evil Village map.



Michael Lee over at GameRant did some legwork and found some interesting information about the Beneviento name.

In Italian folklore, there exist stories of The Witches of Benevento. These witches drank children’s blood and even kidnapped newborns. Given that Ethan is trying to track down his missing daughter, this element can’t be coincidental.

These women would appear normal during the day, before shifting into more ghastly forms when the sunset. Likely, we’ll see plenty of creatures like that in Resident Evil Village. It’s a staple of the series, after all.


Even wilder, these witches were supposedly known for leaping off the bridge in town to fly. Wouldn’t you know it, a suspension bridge is listed near House Beneviento.

This theory seems pretty strong, and the themes all check out. I can’t imagine a more solid hypothesis.


This one, I can touch on a bit myself.


Many a literature geek know H.G. Wells’ novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau. In it, a mad scientist creates horrific hybrids of creatures, splicing men with animals via vivisection. The novel follows a shipwrecked man as he is rescued, only to be brought to this island of terror.

The book is less of a horror novel, however, and more of a thought piece on cruelty, science, and what it means to be human. It ponders on pain and morality, and juxtaposes mankind against the animals we claim to be greater than.

It’s interesting to look on the map for this piece, because Moreau is attributed to a reservoir. This body of water seems to have some creature living in it, if the drawing is to be believed. This gives me plenty to surmise about what House Moreau might be up to.


My strongest guess is that we’ll see a lot of the animal-like creatures the series is known for here. The Island of Dr. Moreau is far too well-known and well-regarded for this naming to be a coincidence, and it ties itself to the series by design alone.

Where this speculation gets us will have to wait for answers, as we calmly await the May 7th release date of Resident Evil Village.

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