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The Medium Covers Its Own Costs In Less Than A Month - 3 min read

Good news for this ambitious project!

The Medium

Making a game is hard. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and taxing. Indie game studios often struggle to cover costs, since they don’t have as much ability to generate hype.

They can’t afford ads, and they rely on word of mouth or small websites like our own to spread the word.

For Polish studio Bloober Team, this wasn’t too big of a concern. They’d managed to make a name for themselves in the horror genre, with Layer of Fear and Blair Witch both seeing decent playtime, especially for streamers and YouTubers.


Still, their newest project was ambitious. It required a player’s rig to simultaneously render the world twice, for both the real world and the spirit world.

Even harder for them was the exclusivity of the title. Microsoft paid for exclusive rights, which is both a gift and a curse. It narrows your audience, but brings the endorsement of a big company.

However, in the end, Bloober Team came out on top.


An Early 2021 Hit

The Medium is something we’ve been watching closely here. Reverberating with echoes of Silent Hill, the game follows Marianne, a spirit medium who can help restless souls find their final peace. To do this, she travels into the spirit realm. However, not all wandering spirits are going to go quietly.

The Medium
Image: Bloober Team

She has a recurring dream of a little girl being shot near a lake, a dream that a mysterious man named Thomas says he can elucidate for her.

Released on January 28th, The Medium saw mixed reviews by the standard sites. Generally, it’s called short, something that many games suffer from nowadays.


However, Steam reviews paint a different picture. Many reviewers found it to be a strong showing, even if it is a bit stunted. Many say it’s worth the time, though perhaps not worth the full price tag.

Regardless, The Medium draws attention, and many horror fans have enjoyed the ride.

Turning a Profit

Bloober Team, in an interview with Polish financial website, says they’ve already covered all development and promotional costs of The Medium. This is in only a couple of weeks. I doubt the title is already done selling, so now, every cent they’ll make off of it will be pure profit.


For a title that’s only been released on the Xbox Series X|S and PC, that’s meaningful. This means that their next title will benefit from a much bigger wallet, and more eyes pointed at it.

You can pick up The Medium for yourself on the Xbox Store, Microsoft Store, or Steam. You can also play it on the PC for free if you have Xbox Game Pass.

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