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The Last Of Us Part 2 Official Release Date Announced Amidst Major Leaks - 3 min read

Not even Mario could’ve sealed these leaks

The Last of Us Part 2

WARNING: While we ourselves have no intention of spoiling anything for you, others are less courteous. If you go looking for any more information on the leaks (including links we may include), the potential exists that you’ll run into major spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2. Be careful out there.

Many of us here at Biohazard Declassified love a good story, obviously. Horror is the main genre in this neck of the woods, but that doesn’t mean that we only play pure horror games.

The Last of Us marked a watershed moment in gaming, where cinema and interactivity met somewhere in the middle. Some lament this shift, but in general, the action-horror-drama swept through the gaming world by storm.

The Last of Us
Image: Naughty Dogs

Following Joel and Ellie through their journey, The Last of Us was very much a “what you are in the dark” tale, showcasing what people can become when the world no longer watches them.

The sequel, simply named Part II, has been hotly anticipated, but recently got bumped back amidst growing global health concerns. However, that may have been Naughty Dog’s undoing; video of the entire developer build of the game has leaked onto the internet.

Seemingly released by a disgruntled, unpaid Naughty Dog employee, the videos of the dev build have almost all of the cutscenes, including the ending. They also showcase the UI and other important gameplay elements.


In essence, the entire game has been leaked.

Sony has been working overtime attempting to tear down any videos on the subject, but the internet is unstoppable. These leaks regarding The Last of Us Part 2 are now viral.

The original videos were on YouTube, but have since been taken down. That being said, you likely can find that same video on the internet now.


The Last of Us Part 2 Release Date

The Last of Us Part 2
Image: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog, in response to these leaks, has announced the official release date for Part II like clockwork. Now officially slated for release on June 19th, The Last of Us Part II will likely be exactly as the videos showcased.

If you’re not looking to be spoiled, be careful as you peruse the internet for the next month and change. Otherwise, you can find a lot of commentary on the contents of the game here.

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