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New Mod Returns You to Resident Evil… As a Hunter? - 2 min read

Resident Evil Hunter

Resident Evil modding for the PC has certainly started to come into it’s own. With fantastic mods such as Mortal Night, Destiny and the Resident Evil 2 Overhaul mod, there’s not a better time to go back to the classic Resident Evil‘s.

However, esteemed modder and friend of Biohazard Declassified, Aydan Watkins, famed for his Barry’s Mod, Marvin’s Mod and the newly-published Ada’s Mod, has released a special mod for his Patreon Backers.

Resident Evil Hunter
Image: Aydan Watkins

Even though this is picking up from Chris’ story, it is far from just a skin mod. All damage values have been re-balanced so the
game can be beaten using Hunter attacks.There’s two ‘slash attacks’ that the hunter can perform. The ‘Low Slash’ attack uses the same rules as the knife.

For example, to hit an enemy on the floor you need to aim down and attack. The ‘High Slash’ attack can only be used if you are within a certain distance of the enemy. This can be used on any monster which is taller than the hunter. It uses the ‘Stamina’ item as it’s ‘ammo’.

Resident Evil Hunter
Image: Aydan Watkins

If you want to check this unique mod out, check out Aydan’s Patreon, which he regularly posts updates to the Hunter Mod, as well as other mods in the pipeline.

Credit to Andrew Coyte for assisting Aydan for porting the Hunter’s animations.

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