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Who Stalks The Void in the Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight Crossover? - 3 min read

Who’s your pick for the new survivor and killer?

Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight

As I’m sure plenty have heard now, Resident Evil has followed in Silent Hill‘s footsteps, joining the biggest horror crossover in history: Dead By Daylight.

It was only a matter of time, really. Dead By Daylight has been collecting horror icons like the Predator collected heads, and they’ve slowly but surely amassed an impressive roster of Survivors and Killers from across fiction. Ghost Face, Freddy, Michael Myers, Leatherface, even the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, all slink through The Void, the eldritch space ruled by the spider-like Entity.

Most notably, however, Pyramid Head joined the fray, making many Resident Evil fans wonder: why not us, too? That question probably boiled down to “the time isn’t right yet”, since, in the end, Resident Evil‘s joining with Dead By Daylight was announced as a 25th Anniversary event.


The question then remains: who will be the Survivors, and who will be the Killer?


It’s not like Resident Evil lacks in the department of survivors. Every title essentially epitomizes the desperate kind of struggle that Dead By Daylight lives off of. This means that truly any member of the hefty cast of characters could be a good fit.

It could be one of the series mainstays, such as Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, or Jill Valentine. These characters tend to be in the spotlight most of all, and each carry plenty of their own entries in the franchise.


A more recent possibility is Ethan. While he’s not everyone’s favorite, he is what’s hot right now, as Resident Evil Village draws ever nearer. With him, too, comes the possibility of a whole cast of potential Killers.


If Ethan ends up being our new Survivor, the odds are that Jack Baker will be our new Dead By Daylight Killer. Given the Killer naming convention present in Dead By Daylight, perhaps his title would be The Patriarch.

With that thought experiment also comes the chance of Lady Dimitrescu joining Ethan in The Void . In her case, it would likely be The Matriarch, a fitting title for her.


However, it’s also just as likely that we’ll see a more classic monster rear its head in service of The Entity. Nemesis may be a bit too much, given how much heat is generally is packing, but it’s not impossible. After all, Nemmy was originally referred to as “The Pursuer”, which makes Behaviour‘s job much easier. With him, Jill would likely be dragged into the horrors as well.

Mr. X could also lend himself to the game, especially since he isn’t nearly as strapped with weapons as Nemesis is. In that case, likely Claire or Leon would be brought along for the ride.

Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight
Image: Behaviour Interactive/Capcom

While there’s plenty to speculate on, the truth is that, no matter what we get, Behaviour will do right by the characters they choose. Most of the roster’s varied playstyles are highly faithful to the powers they present in their respective fictions.


For now, it’s simply a matter of waiting, as we dangle from the hook.

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