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Resident Evil Village’s “Which Chris Are You?” Quiz - 1 min read

Resident Evil Village Halloween

Until November 5th, Capcom is giving you the change to find out which version of Resident Evil Village‘s Chris Redfield you are based on a short 5 question quiz.

Resident Evil Village Halloween
Image: Capcom

Questions range from “If I ran into a zombie I would…” to “As a leader, I should always…” and are answered in a multiple-choice format with two or three options.

Resident Evil Village Halloween
Image: Capcom

This is a part of Capcom’s Halloween event so make sure to take this quiz before it goes away for good!


You can take the quiz for yourself here. I got Chris “The Tank” Redfield from Resident Evil Village. No joke. That’s what they called him.

Resident Evil Village Halloween

If you share on Twitter you can check yours and others results following the hashtag #HALLOWEEN_WITH_VILLAGE.

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