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Resident Evil Village open world
Resident Evil Village open world

Leaks and Rumors

Resident Evil Village’s Steam Page Hints at “Open-World” Concepts

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There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding the exact nature of gameplay in Resident Evil Village, which has only increased with recent footage. The showcase only fed this curiosity more, giving us just enough rope to tie ourselves up in circles.

The SteamDB page might have added even more to that fire.

Resident Evil Village open world
Image: Steamdb

Amongst the updates to it, one addition is the tagging of “Open World” for Resident Evil Village. This adds to something I posited during our streaming of the aforementioned showcase.

Someone took it upon themselves to ask known-leaker Dusk Golem about this, and he added some potential insight on this.

According to him, we’re looking at “Metroidvania” gameplay, which isn’t too far of a departure for the series.

Often, you’d find yourself tracking back to old areas to use things you collected with hopes of getting even better loot.

Now, this is of course all rumors. Dusk Golem has had some reliability in the past, but it’s still wise to take all rumors with a grain of salt.

For now, we have the next demo to wait for. After that, we’ll be in the home stretch!

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