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Resident Evil Village Has A Hefty Collector’s Edition in Japan - 2 min read

Resident Evil Village Z edition collectors

Dropping hefty cash on video games is a problem we all suffer from, I fear. Sometimes, companies make it really hard, offering some fantastic merch that you’ll never see again, save for eBay.

Capcom is offering a massive collector’s edition in Japan for Resident Evil Village, and it’s a doozy.

Resident Evil Village Z edition collectors
Image: Capcom

Ringing in at approx. $1,600USD, and only available through the Japanese store of Capcom, the Resident Evil Village Z Version Collector’s Edition comes with everything that comes with the standard Collector’s Edition, as well as the greatest additional piece: Chris’ jacket.

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Image: Capcom

This fashion piece is a pretty expensive buy, but for the most hardcore fans, it’s a must. If you’re willing to drop the cash, you can find the listing here.

This edition also comes with a collection of 1/6 scale miniature weapons from the game as well as a physical Village of Shadows book.

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