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Resident Evil Village will Receive Free DLC

Resident Evil Village will receive free DLC in the future, according to Capcom.

Resident Evil village
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The free DLC was announced in the company’s most recent annual report. Capcom’s Director and Executive Officer, Yoichi Egawa, spoke briefly about the company’s development strategy and how plans for Resident Evil Village would factor into that as part of the lengthy document, which looks back on the studio’s year as a whole and also outlines its future plans.

We will drive our customer management to understand the playing trends and preferences of users while also building a business model for online operations

Yoichi Egawa

It is currently unknown what this free DLC will be. Capcom confirmed during its E3 panel earlier this year that the studio was working on additional DLC for the game due to “popular demand.” However, little more has been said on the subject since then.

Resident Evil village
Image: Capcom

The previously released Trauma Pack DLC for Resident Evil Village, which came packaged with the Collector’s, Deluxe, and Complete versions of the game, was mostly cosmetic in nature. While Capcom hasn’t specified whether any future free DLC will be story-driven or cosmetic in nature, it’s possible that fans will receive something akin to the Trauma Pack as part of a future update’s free DLC.

Source: Capcom

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