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YouTuber Explains Why You Don’t Want Resident Evil Village’s Lady D To Step On You - 2 min read

That’s a huge…

Resident Evil Village

The dominatrix vibe that Lady Dimitrescu gives off in Resident Evil Village has led quite a few people to thirst for her to step on them. This is the internet, so this shouldn’t at all be surprising.

The 9’6″ matriarch of Castle Dimistrescu has attracted all manner of simping from the gaming community abroad, and nothing will likely stop it.

Maybe this will, though: if Lady D were to step on you, then she would absolutely kill you, without a doubt.

This may seem self-evident, but such a thing can’t be left to conjecture; we have to bring science into it. YouTuber Kyle Hill has us covered on that front.

In this video, he does have to make a few assumptions, of course. After all, we don’t know how heavy Lady D is in Resident Evil Village, and it’s rude to ask a lady how much she weighs. Thus, he makes a BMI estimate that brings her in at a whopping 450 pounds.

If that weren’t enough to dissuade you, she also wears stiletto heels, which are essentially ice picks in this scenario. With that factor, she would impale you like it were nothing at all. There’s even a demonstration of what her step would do to a coconut.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

It isn’t pretty.

Alas, having the vamp mommy step on you would be the quickest way to die by her hand. If that’s what you’re aiming for, though, you’re golden.

While we won’t be getting stepped on by Lady D, in reality, any time soon, we’ll all get a chance to live vicariously through Ethan Winters when Resident Evil Village drops on May 7th.

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