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Resident Evil Village: What We Know So Far - 4 min read

Resident Evil 8 Village

Following the reveal of Resident Evil Village / 8 during the PlayStation 5 Live Event, the press machine has come to life, with Capcom themselves pulling the starter. With such an influx of activity, it’s tough to nail down what Capcom themselves have said, so let’s collect our information and see what we know.


While the title makes it clear that the game takes place in a village, there’s little more said about the setting. However, there’s some information we can glean from Capcom’s screenshots.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

The currency in Resident Evil Village / 8 (which we’ll address again later) seems to be Lei, which seems to be close to Romanian Leu. This would be in keeping with the aesthetics of the game, to be fair. With a werewolf on the prowl, it only seems fitting that Romania would be where the action happens.

Resident Evil Village’s Story

Capcom seems to be keeping much of the story close to the chest, but they did reveal a bit in their press release.

In it, they say that Ethan and Mia settled down after the events of Resident Evil 7. Leaving Dulvey behind, they attempt to forget the horrific incident with Evelyn and have a family.

Some years later, however, Chris Redfield shows up and destroys this happy home. The exact nature of that destruction isn’t stated, but the trailer seems to indicate that he kills Mia, apologizing to Ethan before he does so.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

With this event jettisoning him from his peaceful life, Ethan finds himself in the snowy, eponymous village, facing a new horror. Why he ends up here is unclear as of yet, but either way, he once again goes up against evil.


While the remakes have made use of a third-person perspective, it looks like Capcom has committed to keeping the mainline games in first-person. You’ll once again be in Ethan’s shoes, right in the thick of things.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

An old element seems to have made a comeback, however. Remember that I mentioned currency before; it seems that you’ll be able to buy… something, again. Without definitive proof, we can’t be sure, but it’ll likely be the standard weapons and gear, like what was introduced in Resident Evil 4. Which even the inventory system feels like a mix of the 2 and 3 remakes with the case style of Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

There’s also mention in the press release that the village is “living”. Whether they simply mean that there are plenty of villagers around, or if it goes deeper remains be seem. Perhaps Ethan’s actions will reverberate within the town?


While we aren’t positive on when, we know that Resident Evil Village / 8 will be available next year. Unfortunately, that also means that you’ll need to have upgraded by its release to get it; it’s only coming out on next gen consoles.

If you’re s PC player, however, that won’t matter much. It’ll be releasing on Steam simultaneously with the other versions.

Lastly, we’ll be seeing more on the game this August. Hopefully, we’ll see a more in-depth trailer, and perhaps even some gameplay.

Until then, make sure to rewatch the trailer and see what theories you can come up with.

Also check out a message from the developers for Resident Evil Village / 8.

Resident Evil Village / 8 will come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Steam in 2021.

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