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Next Resident Evil Village Update Will Come at the Toyko Game Show - 2 min read

Resident Evil Village Tokyo Game Show

Many fans were disappointed that more Resident Evil Village news didn’t come in August, especially given that many were expecting some kind of announcement at Gamescom this past weekend.

However, early this morning Capcom’s Dev 1 took to Twitter to announce that more information would be coming later this month at the Toyko Game Show.

This comes to little surprise as many Resident Evil announcements have happened at TGS, and it appears that Resident Evil Village will be no different.

Resident Evil Village TGS Event

Resident Evil Village Tokyo Game Show
Image: Capcom

Capcom will be hosting a two day live web broadcast during Toyko Game Show, which will also be totally online this year due to COVID-19. The Capcom event will take place from Saturday, September 26th to Sunday, September 27th. The time for the broadcast each day will be 12pm – 3pm UTC/ 5am – 8am PDT.

Resident Evil Village Tokyo Game Show
Image: Capcom

The broadcast will be in Japanese with simultaneous English and Chinese interpretation provided and will be live on the CapcomUSA Twitch channel.

If you’ve been waiting for new information on the upcoming Resident Evil Title from Capcom, you won’t want to miss this event. Best of all, it’s online so all you’ll need is your computer or smartphone.

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