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Resident Evil village
Resident Evil village

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Resident Evil Village Speeding Towards the Top Sales Spot


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Resident Evil is Capcom‘s second strongest franchise to date, only trailing behind Monster Hunter. We’ve talked before about how consistently the Resident Evil games end up in Capcom’s “Platinum Titles”, their own personal best-seller list, which denotes titles that have at least breached a million units.

Not only is Resident Evil Village continuing that trend, but it’s also quickly rising above all of its peers, possibly even threatening Resident Evil 7 for the top spot. This is evident in the fact that, only twenty days after release, Resident Evil Village sold over four MILLION copies.

Resident Evil village
Image: Capcom

For comparison, Resident Evil 7 took nine weeks just to hit 3.5 million units. The only title in the franchise to sell quicker was Resident Evil 6, which sold 4.5 million units on its first day. That being said, that momentum didn’t last long after the verdicts started rolling out.

Either way, the hype that Capcom was able to generate leading up to launch was likely no small factor in such a strong performance early on. Besides the usual trailers and teases, they also had a bit of fun when possible, too; the puppet show comes to mind.

Resident Evil Village has even managed to stay on top of the charts overall, as well. That’s likely helped by a pretty low release volume currently, with only titles like Returnal and Miitopia able to vie for the belt. Obviously, they didn’t succeed.

In the meantime, you can immerse yourself in all of the various fan content that’s come from the community, ranging from art to cosplays.

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