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Alleged Resident Evil Village Playtest In-Depth Information [Rumor] - 12 min read

Resident Evil Village

We’ve spoken a lot about Resident Evil Village rumours and information from the playtests conducted last year and as recently as March. Some things have been confirmed, like the title, “witches”, and “werewolves/beast-men”, while other information is still up in the air.

As of right now, all eyes are turned to the Sony State of Play event this coming Thursday where many RE fans feel we’ll get our next look at Resident Evil Village.

While we wait, we’ve stumbled across what might be the most complete information at one of the playtest that took place earlier this year. Obviously a lot of this information is going to be rehashed from prior articles, but what makes it unique is the level of detail described that we have never gotten before. So we believe this is the most comprehensive look at what the Resident Evil Ambassadors experienced in the playtest.

The following is also again nothing but rumour until we get official word from Capcom, but if true, remember these could all be potential spoilers for Resident Evil Village.


According to our source, the opening sequence is the same as the beginning of the trailer. Mia reading a story to her daughter. According to this source, it was the storybook format with Mia’s narration that we’d previously discussed, but it was rough and still much a work in progress.

Ethan’s arrival and first playable sequence

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Ethan arrives as Mia is finishing reading the story to their daughter who goes by the name of Rose as quite, jazzy sounding tune plays in the background. Ethan can walk around the house and find notes scattered about, (more than likely for the player to get a feel for the controls). Interestingly some of the notes you can find scattered around the house include that Ethan, Mia, and Rose are all free and clear of the E-virus (the mold), Rose weighed 14lbs at birth (definitely a suspicious weight especially if she’s “clear” of any virus), and that Ethan has spent at least some time training with Chris after the events of Resident Evil 7.

Also to note, bobbleheads are making a return in Resident Evil Village as our source made the claim that the “ticking” noise they’ve made in the last three releases can be heard and the same style as 7 can be found on a bookshelf upstairs.

After you’ve done a little bit of exploring the first floor of the house, you can take the child from Mia to put her to bed. Ethan walks upstairs to a dark second level to the baby’s room and places Rose in her crib. He returns downstairs to Mia cooking something in the pot on the stove with her back turned towards him. At some point, the faint sound of a European emergency vehicle siren can also be heard. Also hinting to the fact that the Winters’ have seemingly relocated to Europe in Resident Evil Village.

At this point, our source says the mood and feel of the game definitely felt as if it was shifting and he half expected to see Mia transform as we saw in Resident Evil 7.

The attack

Ethan tries conversing with Mia while she cooks about the events that happened in Louisiana, and Mia’s demeanour towards him turn cold as she shows little interest in discussing the situation. At some point in the exchange, the window shatters as bullets fly into the kitchen hitting Mia and dropping her to the floor, though not killing her.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

The scene shifts to Chris entering the house with two masked henchmen as the secure the interior of the house and Chris walks up to Ethan and Mia, delivers his “Sorry, Ethan” line and proceeds to finish Mia off.

Screen Shot 2020 08 04 at 5.57.21 PM
Image: Capcom

Now an interesting note from our source here is in the playtest, Ethan responds with “what the Hell, Chris?” instead of his “Why?” line from the trailer.

Leading to the Village

The next series of events seemed to also still be in conceptual stages in the playtest, but after the assault on the Winters’ home, Chris takes the baby and Ethan is also loaded into a vehicle. At some point during the drive, the vehicle crashes and Ethan comes too after the wreck and climbs out of the vehicle and finds a broken cell phone and makes the comment of needing to find a phone to call for help which we’d previously heard.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Ethan leaves the car wreck and starts along a dark path in the woods, which is the sequence we can see in the trailer. Our source said you come to a first cabin that sets the tone for the architecture to expect in the rest of the village, though there is nothing to interact with at this first location.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Continuing on, you can start to see the village as the sun begins to rise. You walk down a slight slope to enter the village and multiple cabins can be seen and dead animals are scattered around.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Our source says these dead animals almost look like they’ve been placed as offerings to appease some evil entity.

The Cabin Attack

This next sequence makes up a good deal of footage from the trailer and is the most interactive part of the playtest.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Ethan enters another cabin to find the old man hiding behind the curtain and he hurriedly explains that something is coming and hands Ethan a pistol. Ethan then realises the handgun is unloaded but before you can look for ammunition, a huge arm smashes through the ceiling and the old man is torn through the ceiling.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Seconds later the floorboards underneath Ethan are shattered as another arm reaches up and drags him through the floor.

Ethan is then in a fight for his life as the enemies around him, the beast-men, try to attack. At this point the player can find a shotgun, presumably the old man’s as he’s not seen again, and also get pistol and shotgun ammo.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

The next bit of action is admittedly a blur. What we have gathered is there’s no one way to play out this cabin sequence. There is furniture marked with yellow tape (a common thing in the RE Engine games to denote interactive environmental objects) that can be used to block enemies pursuing you and barricades that can be made.

The beast-men deal massive damage, but can be taken down with a well-placed headshot from the shotgun and enemies will attack with various weapons and tools as reported previously. Their attack pattern is very “wolfpack” like as they will surround and form a perimeter, they have the rotten appearance previously spoke on as well.

The segment also appears to be semi nonlinear as the player given an option to avoid enemies, and there is a part where you can sneak past a beast man eating a villager. And a player can escape using a ladder that leads out of a window.

Our source notes that you need to move as quickly as possible to escape as there was not enough ammo laying around to actually confront the threats here. Running away is the only choice. They also note that the “beast-men did not have all of their final assets rendered and appeared less hairy than the one in the trailer.

Meeting the “Gorilla Man”

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Once outside, the player is met by a hammer axe carrying behemoth that some of these alleged testers have dubbed the “gorilla-man”. This creature not only seems to be a sort of mini-boss but actually seems to have some control over thee “beast-men”. After he jumps off the roof he comes up to Ethan giving thee player a clear look and seems to give Ethan a once over before calling off the “beast-men” attack.

Another thing that they said is that there is a creature on horseback carrying an impaled man in a suit on a spear. Which I found very interesting and during my frame by frame investigation of the trailer to get screenshots for this article, I found that this is actually somewhat visible for a split second and easy to miss, which is probably why no one has mentioned this before.

In the right hand of the frame (after a little brightness adjusting), you can clearly see a man impaled on a spear, a closer look further into the corner and you can see a creature carrying said spear and an even closer look into the bottom right-hand corner you can see the horse’s head and its ears! This information right here alone makes me believe that this could be the most legitimate piece on the playtest yet.

After the attack is called off and Ethan makes his escape, he then finally meets the old woman in robes from the trailer that we now believe to be a merchant like character and she tells Ethan something to the effect of they’ll be seeing a lot of each other.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

That appears to be the end of the playable portion of the demo and it ends with a cutscene that showed a group of villagers hiding in a building as one of them turns into a beast-man.

Now, this is probably the most intriguing bit of this Resident Evil Village info, because if true it either means, that the villagers can possibly be infected with whatever bioweapon this could be, or it might give credit to the rumours of hallucinations, which could end up being even worse as you might end up harming the uninfected.

Other Resident Evil Village Details

When it comes to inventory, this source did agree that all of the previous details that others had said and the inventory system we saw in the Resident Evil Village Special Developers Message was accurate. They did also concur that the circle areas seen under a weapon are indeed for upgrades and attachments. They also mentioned that when a weapon was highlighted in the inventory there was an upgrade path like layout that included weapon stats. Also, the pause menu contained a “photo mode” option, though that might just be for testing purposes.

This is all exciting information to see and we really feel that this might be the most detailed and reliable look at the Ambassador testing. Hopefully, we see more on Resident Evil Village this Thursday, but if not, we know more information is coming this month. As always we’ll be watching and checking sources to keep everyone up to date!

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