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Resident Evil village
Resident Evil village

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Resident Evil Village Still Needs More PC Patches

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A new Resident Evil Village PC patch is now out, however it does not appear to deliver any significant speed improvements.

Youtuber Sholva examined the August 24th patch in depth, stressing in their test video how the patch also fails to address several of the game’s important concerns, such as memory leak issues, VRAM-related difficulties, and others.

This new patch doesn’t really provide a significant performance boost over the August 10th update, and some issues are still present in the game, like the really bad Film Noise filter, poor Temporal AA (which we know it works and looks better in consoles for this game), and some memory leak / VRAM related issues.

Particularly obvious, this memory issue, when switching Resolution Scale (AKA Image Quality) in game, my Rivatuner frame-time graph goes crazy, the faster I switch, the wonkiest it goes.

Resident Evil village
Image: Capcom

Honestly, these are obvious issues, normally they do not affect the overall experience of the game, but sometimes the memory issue can kick-in in certain scenes if the settings are too high or aggressive or…if you start tinkering with the in game graphics settings too much.


Previous Resident Evil Village upgrades did provide performance improvements, thanks in part to the addition of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution support, but it’s unfortunate to see that this update doesn’t do much to make the PC version the one to acquire for the best experience.

Source: WCCFTech

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