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Resident Evil Village Chris Werewolf
Resident Evil Village Chris Werewolf

Resident Evil News

Capcom Updates Resident Evil Village Steam Page With Interesting Chris Artwork

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Yesterday, the Steam page listing for Resident Evil Village had a very quiet update to it that while on the surface looks benign, but will bring up even more questions about Chris Redfield’s role in the game.

The information page shows an updated icon image that is, well, very intriguing.

Resident Evil Village Chris Werewolf
Image: Steamdb

As these are files that are directly uploaded to Steam, this image is deemed as official Resident Evil Village artwork, so we’ll go ahead and throw in an obligatory potential spoiler ahead warning.

Screen Shot 2020 11 17 at 5.32.41 AM
Image: Steamdb

The new icon image would appear to show Chris as half human and half Beast-man (though this is the most werewolf looking we have seen them depicted).

Chris REDfield or WEREfield in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Chris Werewolf
Image: Steamdb

Now, there’s the obvious conclusion of Chris being infected one could draw from this artwork and would be supported by previous rumors we have received in the past (and given his less than heroic actions in the trailer), we still can’t assume this is the case.

This could possibly be a red herring from Capcom to throw players off the scent of what Chris’ actual involvement is in the story, which is something I have long speculated, but it is to be seen.

This updated image could also potentially mean we will be recieving more information or another trailer very soon.

This is a development we will definitely be keeping a close eye on.

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