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Resident Evil News

New Resident Evil Village Showcase Broadcast Coming This Month - 2 min read

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Resident Evil Showcase

On the 21st of January, Capcom showed off a decent chunk of content pertaining to Resident Evil Village in an hour-long showcase event.

Since then, it’s been radio silence when it comes to Resident Evil Village news. Aside from vague murmurs and a confident claim of making the greatest survival-horror experience EVER, we’ve been left to chew on what they gave us three months ago.

Resident Evil Village RE: Verse
Image: Capcom

Now, finally, it looks like we’ll be getting a bit more before the May release date arrives: Capcom has announced another showcase event in April.


In a blog post on their website, Capcom teased an upcoming event in April as part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations. This could mean any number of things, as they haven’t specifically tied it to Resident Evil Village this time.

Many fans were a little bummed that they didn’t get to see much new information on some of the other upcoming Resident Evil projects during the last showcase. A lot of people were hoping to see news on the upcoming live-action movie, which had just wrapped not long before the showcase aired.

On top of that, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness only got a passing mention during the event, leaving many wanting for more. Perhaps this new stream will give us something more to chew on regarding the CG Netflix series. We might even hear something regarding the (in)famously strange live-action series that was teased last year.


When the time comes, we here at Biohazard Declassified will get everything down for those who might miss the event. Last time, we even co-streamed it, so hopefully, we’ll be able to react live alongside all of you!

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