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Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village Showcase Announced

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The official Resident Evil Twitter account set computers ablaze with speculation once more today by announcing that there will be a 30-minute Resident Evil Village showcase event on January 21st.

This showcase will not only include another Resident Evil Village trailer but also a gameplay presentation as well. Even in the announcement video itself, we see gameplay of Ethan encountering multiple enemies (the giant hammer man included), as well as him breaking a vase to get goodies from inside of it.

On top of this Village content, there also is implied to be other franchise news within. What that news is is still unclear, but given that one of the segments shown has a Resident Evil 25th Anniversary watermark, it’s possible they’ll talk about the newly-announced closed beta test as well.

It’s also possible that we’ll see some news on the extended universe stuff. The movie closed production not too long ago, after all. It also would be nice to see more about Resident Evil Infinite Darkness some time soon.

Until then, we’ll keep an ear out. Worst case scenario, we’ll give you all the details comes January 21st.

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