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When the Resident Evil Village Showcase Date was Revealed, Demo Files Surfaced - 1 min read

Demo incoming soon!

Resident Evil Village Demo

Dataminers are something of a godsend in the gaming community. While surprises are nice, it’s also inconvenient to be caught unaware when certain content comes out, especially as a journalist (or a turbofan).

With that in mind, MP1st shared data found on the PlayStation Network backend that suggests that a Gameplay Demo of Resident Evil Village is soon to be released.

Resident Evil Village Demo
Image: Sony

This comes to light almost perfectly in sync with Capcom’s announcement of the official date for the April Village Showcase, the 15th. This means that perhaps Capcom plans to pull the same stunt they pulled last time, where the Maiden Demo launched during the Showcase.


As for the distinction, it’s likely that this demo will be much more like the final product, whereas Maiden was more of a concept demonstration than anything. We probably will see combat, exploration, and puzzles all on display in this demo.

We here at Biohazard Declassified are going to be co-streaming the Resident Evil Village Showcase event. Make sure to watch with us to see what surprises Capcom has in store!

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