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Capcom Partners With AMD for Resident Evil Village Raytracing

Raytracing: ON

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AMD revealed at an unveiling event earlier this month that they’ve partnered with Capcom to bring something special to Resident Evil Village: raytracing.

One of the biggest talking points surrounding graphics nowadays, raytracing allows a game’s lighting to be more realistic than ever before. I’m not exactly sure what it entails, but the general gist is that it allows light rays in a digital space to behave much more like their real counterparts.

With Resident Evil Village looking to be a graphical powerhouse, it’s no surprise that this has come up. However, there’s a catch: you’ll need an AMD RX 6700 XT GPU to get it.

It’s possible that Nvidia users will eventually have access to this. Other games, such as Godfall, saw AMD having a short exclusivity deal. This may be the same kind of case.

Regardless, AMD promised that Resident Evil Village will be capable of utilizing not only raytracing but also AMD’s Fidelity FX effects. What this means in the case of Village is unclear for now, but I’m sure we’ll see more in the coming months.

Either way, it’s likely that we’ll hear more about what kind of pieces will do what for Resident Evil Village as we creep ever closer to its May 7th release date.

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