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Resident Evil Village

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Capcom Put On a Resident Evil Village Puppet Show. Yes, Really.

This is as satisfying as it is unsettling

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For whatever reason, Capcom has decided to fully own some of their more bizarre traits. It’s not terribly awful, as some of their posts or announcements have been legitimately funny.

That trend continues with their most recent weird promotional video: a Resident Evil Village puppet show, starring the four Lords.

The four try to convince everyone that they should come to the village, because it really isn’t all that scary. By the end of it, however, two of them are gored, and Lady D goes off the deep end by drinking a bucket of red “paint”. All this while the Beneviento puppet, Annie, goes just absolutely bonkers.

This fun little video mostly just exists to add a little levity to the generally-grim tone of Resident Evil Village. While the game will likely not be without humor, such as Ethan’s tendency to quip at events, it’ll most be dominated by an oppressive atmosphere and horrific visuals.

That being said, a little fun never hurts anyone, and it’s things like this that help to remind us that, not only are games meant to be fun in the long run, they’re also made by people who also want to have some fun now and then.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

All that being said, the puppet show reaffirmed that Resident Evil Village is launching on the 7th of May, as well as that the demo that started on the 2nd.

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