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Resident Evil Village 8 Chris hidden
Resident Evil Village 8 Chris hidden

Leaks and Rumors

Resident Evil Village Playtesters Potentially Played A New Segment of the Game [Rumor]

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After spending the last literal year (since the announcement of the Ambassador testing back in September of 2019) of tracking down rumours, leads, and the occasional anonymous email, it’s been an interesting ride breaking a lot of the details known of Resident Evil Village months in advance of official announcements.

I love the investigative nature of spending countless hours tracking down whispers, speaking to countless people, and ruling out and soft confirming the information. It’s fun and for me, it makes me feel close to the projects and wondering what could have been, what could be, what is obviously bullshit and what is eventually confirmed, and the processes and decisions that led there. Obviously it’s not for everyone and I totally respect that.

So Jesse, why say all this?

Basically to say: if you don’t want any potential spoilers, I implore you to not read past this point.

As always, I claim none of this information as factual as there is no official word from Capcom on any of the information contained within this article and you should take it with a grain of salt and a bit of imagination.

Also, this will be the last “leak” or speculation piece I will be writing on Resident Evil Village at least until we get more official information during this year’s Tokyo Game Show which now is just hours away.

The Redfield Playtest

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

Obviously, Chris being in the game was one of our earliest hints of what to expect in Resident Evil Village, including what could be a major shift in his character, that ended up being showed off in the reveal trailer. I and many others have long speculated that similar to the Not a Hero DLC of Resident Evil 7, players would once again take control of the former S.T.A.R.S. member in Village and from this alleged test, that indeed seems to be the case.

The email started off with a rehash of our previous in-depth discussion on the home invasion playtest of Resident Evil Village with a few more details, but nothing really to note and several things held back to use for confirmations should someone else reach out with alleged information.

Then this source went on to explain a second test portion involving Chris and the castle.

Now previously we’d had information on a playable Ethan portion where you’d fight one of the “witches” named “Olga”, but this is very different in nature.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

The second playtest started with Chris in the castle and he was chasing after Ethan. The source said Chris would enter a large hall and climb up a ladder that would lead to an area with three corridors. They went on to say all three corridors were protected by “witches” and you’d have to use the shotgun to protect yourself from the insects they use against you. As in the previous rumour, when the “witches” were defeated they would turn into a black goo.

As far as Chris’s fighting style goes our source claimed he plays very similar to how he did in Not a Hero with having the ability to punch and step on enemies.

Door’s LAWKT and puzzles

The source also made mention that there was many locked doors in the castle and rooms that could be opened contained puzzles or enemies.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

Distinct puzzles they mentioned were:

  • A clock puzzle
  • A picture puzzle
  • A sword and armour puzzle
  • A puzzle involving a crucifix

They also mentioned a room with a coffin that would require three keys to open. The first key was in a room guarded by “witches”, one key was in a fireplace that was found after completing the crucifix puzzle, and the last was in a room guarded by a “witch” and “beast-man”.

Afteer obtaining the keys, they claimed the player could go back to the coffin and open it to find a dead woman holding a book and wearing an Umbrella necklace.

After this point, Chris becomes disoriented and blacks out as the room was swarmed with “witches”. At the point, the playtest segment ends.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

Chris’s Inventory

In Chris’s inventory, there was alleged a family photo showing off Chris as a young boy and Claire as a baby along with their parents, and a letter from Claire as well as a shotgun, a pistol, and two grenades.

Now, this might feed into rumours heard by Brazilian gaming site EvilHazard who had recently published an article claiming a source had told them of Claire’s return.

Something else that they mentioned was Chris’s healing item was different than the liquid Ethan uses saying it looks more like medicine. Which interestingly was a scrapped concept from the original build of Resident Evil 7‘s Not a Hero DLC which can still be found in 7‘s code. They also found coins in the castle as well as magnum ammo. Though neither had a use in the playtest.

The Memo

In one of the puzzle rooms, there was a diary called “Memorandum of the French”, in it said that a French man was fighting with a woman for the custody of a baby. And that he was making plans to kidnap the baby. In the diary, the author says that the baby is the answer to all things. Our source also noted that the entries were dated and that the last entry was from February 2021. 

Could this be referring to Daniel Fabron from Resident Evil Resistance? It’s been long rumoured that he will make an appearance in the upcoming title.

Miscellaneous Information

Our source claims at the end of the test, which was done on PC this time and not PS4 Pros, (which could possibly mean it’s in a more stable, next-gen build) they were shown concept arts of Ethan, Mia, Rose, Chris, villagers, the “beast-men” and the “gorilla-man”, some horned enemies, soldiers dressed similar to HUNK, and a woman in a hat and dress.

They also mentioned concept arts of the village and castle with one piece showing off a helicopter and another with a red-headed woman with a gun.

After that testers were given a survey on their reaction to the Resident Evil Village playtest and other questions about how the game played and the event concluded.

That’s all I have for now. Hopefully, this and more of Resident Evil Village will be shown off this Sunday during the Resident Evil portion of the Capcom live stream. Make sure you subscribe to all of our channels as we will be live covering the event to ensure we bring you the latest news and updates throughout the event.

Resident Evil Village is set to release in 2021 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5, and PC.

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