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Resident Evil Village

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More Resident Evil Village Playtest Details Surface [Rumor]

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Well, August is just mere hours away and that means new official information on Resident Evil Village could be dropping from Capcom any day now.

While we’ve been waiting we’ve gotten a ton of information from the Ambassador playtests that took place in September of last year and March of this year. From being the first to announce the “beast-men(werewolves)” and “witches”, Chris’ apparent dark return to the game, and learning the title of the game months in advance, it’s been quite the wild ride.

Our last article, which you can read here or watch the video on, outlined a version of the playtest demo that previously wasn’t discussed that and disclosed information on a potential in-game boss fight, an enemy name, and other enemy types in the game.

Now it seems that this previous article has shaken loose more information on another version of the playtest that seems to correlate with other rumors released months back and that we believe confirm what we last published and vice versa which we will explain why we believe these towards the end.

As always there are potential spoilers ahead and this is not to be taken as factual information. Until Capcom officially gives the word this is all speculation and rumor, though we do try to vet sources as thoroughly as possible to get a somewhat accurate look at what might be.

Let’s break it down.

First let’s get the information that we’ve previously published that this source mentioned out of the way.

  • The demo was tested in September 2019
  • It lasted 30 minutes
  • Ethan Winters as the playable character
  • Played the village portion of the demo
  • Knife, pistol, and a shotgun were used
  • Werewolf-like enemies and pale, rotten enemies who wore armor, sickles, swords and axes
  • The old woman accepted money in exchange for information and weapons.

Areas this new source expanded on

Healing items

Resident Evil Village First Aid
Image: Capcom

Apparently in the playtest, two healing items were available for the player to use and looked and functioned the same as they did in Resident Evil 7. This can also be seen in the Resident Evil Village Special Developer Message while they are showing off the inventory screen.

The Merchant

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Sony

Now in the last playtest information we received we believe we do have a name for at least one of the “witches” (Olga), and now it seems we do for the old woman merchant as well. This source calls the old woman in the trailer “Morgana” and again says she will exchange money for information and goods.

Now as far as her wares go, it seems she will sell healing items, ammo, weapon parts (specifically mention pistol parts, which we did see what appears to be attachment slots on the Lemi pistol seen in the inventory screen during the Resident Evil Village Special Developer Message), and the information she has will also come at a price.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

One specific piece of information she sells according to our source is “that the castle kept the truth for everything going on in the village.”

Now, everyone loves to compare Resident Evil Village to 4, and if this one piece is true, it bridges that gap just a little more. According to our source, during the demo, they were able to find a jewel similar to a Spinel in a box. However, they tried to give the merchant the jewel, but she didn’t accept it and apparently only accepted coins in the demo.

The “Gorilla-Man”

Now from “werewolves” and “witches” now to a “Gorilla-Man”, surprisingly this isn’t the first time this term has been used to describe the large, weapon-wielding enemy seen in the trailer. In April, Rely On Horror published a rumor article that also referred to “a massive, “gorilla-like” monster man with “chains and a staff”.” and we believe it’s safe to assume these are one and the same. I think it’s also important to note that these descriptors (werewolf, witch, gorilla-man) more than likely isn’t what these enemies truly are, it’s just the best way to currently describe them until their actual types are announced.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

They describe the “Gorilla-Man” as a large enemy covered in several chains wielding a giant ax. They describe this as being similar to the Executioner Majini of Resident Evil 5. He also screams in agony as if asking for help, probably a victim of the experiments that took place there.

Battle sequence with “Gorilla-Man”

Our source describes a sequence in this version of the demo that I’m going to describe as a mix of the cabin sequence from Resident Evil 4 and the public assembly area of Resident Evil 5. During the battle, pale and rotten enemies with axes appear alongside the “Gorilla-Man” who seems to fill the role of a mini-boss at the least. The “Gorilla-Man” can kill Ethan with just 3 attacks, in addition to being able to jump and hit or character with his huge ax. Our source also said it was worth noting that “werewolf-like” enemies are very difficult to hit, they are moving very quickly and there were several times they ran out of ammo because they missed the targets several times.

Why we think this is true

Now by this point, I’m sure many would be skeptical of some of this information’s validity and it would be a fair point to assume that this is someone taking previous articles and trailer information and filling in the blanks with what they believe to be real. Here’s why I don’t and it all involves the opening of the playtest.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Sony

Now we know during the Resident Evil Village trailer, the opening shows Mia reading a story to her and Ethan’s baby. During the trailer, the scene shows someone walking through a dark forest while she narrates. However, this doesn’t seem to be the actual sequence in-game.

Back several months ago I was speaking with AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem on the information we had received on the playtests and the topic of the intro came up. We had heard this information on the intro from the first email we had received that had previously been accurate on in-game enemies, but hadn’t previously shared it and his sources had told him the same thing and he has not shared it publicly either. To my knowledge thus far the following information has never been publicly stated by any leakers and that’s why I believe this person actually participated in the Ambassador playtest.

So what is the Intro?

The game opens up with a “storybook” like intro. The best way I can describe it is similar to the old Disney cartoon movies that would start with a book opening to drawings on the pages that would match what the narrator was saying. This was also a trope used in the first Shrek movie as well. After this opening, the player can see Ethan coming home after work and find Mia telling a story to their daughter. (Oh yes, it seems that the child is female). Next is when Chris appears with his henchmen and kills Mia. After that, the screen goes black and Ethan wakes up in the village.

Other Minor Resident Evil Village Details

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

There are several times were Ethan can be heard talking to himself about needing to find a phone to call for help. Another interesting note is that one of the villagers tells Ethan that a wealthy woman arrived in the village and took over the castle that had been abandoned for years. After her arrival, the village was never the same. They also state they didn’t solve any puzzles, it was “basically exploration and confrontations against enemies.”

What are your thoughts so far on Resident Evil Village? Let us know and as always our information line at [email protected] is always open.

Resident Evil Village is currently in development and is slated to release sometime in 2021 to Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and Steam.

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