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Capcom Investigating Resident Evil Village PC Performance issues

Denuvo strikes again…

Resident Evil village
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Earlier this week, claims appeared suggesting that Capcom’s Denuvo DRM was to blame for Resident Evil Village‘s poor PC performance. TheGamer contacted Capcom, who has confirmed that the problem is being investigated.

When asked about reports that its DRM is to blame for some of the problems facing Resident Evil Village‘s PC launch, Capcom’s official remark on the matter was, “The team is currently looking into the reported PC performance issues.” While there is no word on how the problem will be fixed, Capcom is aware of the latest batch of concerns.

Resident Evil village
Image: Capcom

If you’re aware of the controversy surrounding Resident Evil Village and its PC port, it all started earlier this week when a hacker claimed that hacked versions of the game didn’t have the stuttering issues that the official version did. The only difference between the cracked and official versions is Capcom’s own DRM.

When playing Resident Evil Village‘s pirated version, Digital Foundry discovered “significant upgrades to the stock experience.” There are instances in their screening when the stock build of Resident Evil reduces to barely one-fourth of the framerate the pirated copy runs at. Meanwhile, Digital Foundry emphasized that the game performed perfectly on the latest generation of consoles.

Ultimately, no matter what’s causing the problem, Digital Foundry‘s testing shows that Capcom’s legal copy of Village performs worse than the pirated copy. So, regardless of what the official source is, there is still a problem here that Capcom must address.

Source: TheGamer

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