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Resident Evil Village Gets Patch to Fix DRM-Related Stuttering

Hopefully, this fixes issues…

Resident Evil village
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Resident Evil Village appears to have been patched for PC to address stuttering issues caused by DRM software.

The update from developer/publisher Capcom, which was released earlier today on July 20, is shown below. The tweet appears to suggest that an update for Resident Evil Village for PC is now available, and from the sounds of it, it appears to address the stuttering issues that players were experiencing on the PC version.

If you’re unfamiliar with the scenario involving Resident Evil Village on PC, players discovered last week that stuttering problems appeared to be caused by Capcom‘s DRM anti-piracy software. Players actually “stole” the game and discovered that when the DRM software was removed from the pirated version of Resident Evil Village, the stuttering difficulties vanished.

Resident Evil village
Image: Capcom

Capcom quickly issued a statement confirming the problems with the PC version of the horror game. The publisher promised to address the stuttering issues for PC users with an update that would be issued at some time in the future, but it now looks the fix has arrived with the latest patch released today, July 20.

Capcom‘s resolution of these bugs is excellent news for gamers of Resident Evil Village on the PC. However, it remains to be seen whether the stuttering issues have been completely erased from the game as a result of this patch, or whether Capcom will need to release other patches to correct the situation.

Source: GamesRadar+

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