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Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo
Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo

Resident Evil News

Resident Evil Village ‘Maiden’ Demo Releases on PlayStation 5

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One of the more exciting pieces of information announced at the Resident Evil Village Showcase was that PlayStation 5 owners would have access to a new demo, titled ‘Maiden‘.

This demo was designed to show off some of the environments and characters that will be present for Resident Evil Village. That being said, there are some things about it that might be important.

Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo
Image: Capcom

You play as an unnamed maiden, trapped in the castle that we’ve seen so far. You attempt to make an escape, with no chance of fighting back.

Capcom has made it clear that this demo isn’t meant to show off the full gameplay, but rather to give us a feel of what we’re getting into. There’s no combat present in the demo, only walking about and absorbing the atmosphere.

Anyone with a PlayStation 5 can play it now. However, other consoles will also get to try it out in a few months.

You can check out our playthrough of the Resident Evil Village ‘Maiden’ demo on our YouTube below.

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