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Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu Has Life-Sized Standees in Hong Kong

A perfect addition to any collection

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Some fans are probably tired of hearing about Resident Evil Village‘s Amazonian matriarch, but it’s hard to deny that she’s brought a lot of eyes to the franchise. Her towering stature and hauty attitude have enkindled something amongst the denizens of the web.

Well, if you’re from Hong Kong, you might get the opportunity to see how you stack up to the height of Lady D, as a large selection of video game outlets there have set up gigantic, to-scale standees of her.

Coming in at 9,6″, these Resident Evil Village cardboard cutouts are likely to find their way into a few employees homes, and possibly onto internet marketplaces. Surely, some of you you be happy to welcome Lady Dimitrescu into your (likely small in comparison) home.

In the meantime, we await the upcoming demo of Village, and we draw ever closer to the day of release: May 7th.

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