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A Fan Thinks They’ve Determined Lady Dimitrescu’s Height in Resident Evil Village

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We’ve all been thinking about the giant matriarch of the castle from Resident Evil Village, Alcina Dimitrescu. Don’t deny it. The towering woman has ensnared the imaginations (and libidos) of fans and casual observers alike.

Well, with a liberal application of mathematics, Ash Parrish over at Kotaku has managed to suss out how tall Lady Dimitrescu might actually be.

She used the set of doors she waltzes through in the closing moments of the Maiden demo as reference. You see, Parrish was able to find a set of doors online that seem to be nearly identical to the ones found in the castle.

Resident Evil village pre-order
Image: Capcom

These doors have real-life dimensions, obviously, so that means we can use them as a ruler. See, Lady Dimitrescu would hit the entirety of her head on the doorframe if she didn’t duck, as evidenced by this shot of her standing on the inside of it:

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

With the real-life doors measuring at 86 inches and with the tops coming up to Lady Dimitrescu shoulders, Parrish recons her in-game model in Resident Evil Village stands around 96 inches or 8 foot tall.

The article in question is a pretty fun read. Parrish was originally going to use her giant chair as a measurement device but was unable to find an analogous one online. They would later go on to use some of the in-game lore objects to figure out when the castle might have been constructed.

Like I said, it’s a healthy layering of real scientific thought, applied to the giant goth GF from Resident Evil Village that everyone is thirsting after. I love to see it.

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