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Resident Evil Village

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The Duke Makes A Resident Evil 4 Reference, As He Should

Everyone who’s anyone knows this reference

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It was inevitable, really, that Resident Evil Village‘s mercantile character, the Duke, would draw some comparisons with the Merchant from Resident Evil 4.

Both characters fulfill the same niche, with just as much mystery surrounding their pursuit of coin over carnage, and their seeming immunity from the ire of their surrounding benefactors.

It seems this connection isn’t as lost on Capcom as one might think, as the Duke directly references the beloved Merchant’s iconic phrase: “What’re ya buyin’?”

The Duke even mentions how he knew the Merchant from Resident Evil 4! This raises a few questions for the lore deep-divers, I’m sure, but in general, this is a fun little reference for fans who already thought that the Duke was plenty similar to his parallel entrepreneur.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Maybe we’ll learn more about the Duke’s past when we see him fully in action come Resident Evil Village‘s May 7th release date. If not, we’ll at least get to hear his jovial musings regardless.

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