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Two Sets Were Built for Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu Motion Capture

A lot of stage for a lot of woman!

Resident Evil village
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Capcom needed to create two sets for Resident Evil Village, one at standard human size and the other at Lady Dimitrescu’s size.

This is according to an interview with presentation director Masato Miyazaki with The Verge, in which he was asked about how the 9’6″ tall vampire lady offered a particular problem in terms of performance capture.

Miyazaki explained, “We had to figure out how to adjust the environment to accommodate the height difference,”  This was mostly addressed by having sets of varying proportions, but it was not the only challenge Lady Dimitrescu and the other characters posed.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

To ensure that characters were gazing at Dimitrescu at eye level, actors on set had to utilize markers to gaze into her line of sight.

Maggie Robertson, who delivered Dimitrescu’s voice and motion capture for Resident Evil Village, may have used a prosthesis or prop to help give her the necessary extra height. Miyazaki also discussed how the challenges of Dimitrescu’s character influenced post-production.

“We took great care in making sure the character rigs could absorb all of the motion capture information as smoothly as possible,” he continued.

“Whether it was Lady Dimitrescu or some other anomalous being like Angie or Moreau, there would be differences between the actor and the character, and we created the rigs with these differences in mind.”

I really felt the sense of responsibility and love for the Resident Evil franchise. It was an experience that really moved me.

Masato Miyazaki

Miyazaki went on to discuss the difficulties Capcom faced when developing Resident Evil Village during the epidemic, and how that task is the one he is most proud of having accomplished.

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