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Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village is Compatible With PS5 Activities

Resident Evil Village will use a new PS5 feature

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There’s still a lot of fervor surrounding the PlayStation 5. Though it’s been out since November, you’d be excused for feeling as though it still hasn’t released. With few games to play and even fewer consoles on the market, most gamers are still waiting to get their hands on one, especially for Resident Evil Village.

For those who have, though, you’ll be happy to hear that one of the system’s newer features will work in tandem with Resident Evil Village: Activities.

Resident Evil Village PS5
Image: Sony

Activities allows players to access what are essentially cards. These cards bookmark certain information, such as collectibles. This allows players who occasionally end up with gaps between sessions to see what they were in the middle of doing, eliminating much of the inherent frustration found in playing long games in chunks.

Another nice feature is the ability to hop between different moments through-out the game, allowing players to refresh on things they might have done already. Plus, it’ll be nice to be able to replay key moments, either for the fun of it or for trophy hunting.

The exact nature of these Activities is still unclear. They were only just confirmed by Morimoto Sato himself in an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK.

As Resident Evil Village‘s May 7th draws closer, perhaps we’ll see a bit more of this feature in promotional material. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to hear it here first.

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