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Resident Evil village
Resident Evil village

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Resident Evil Village Has Filmmaker Accusing Capcom of Monster Theft

Looks oddly similar…

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It’s a known fact that Capcom likes to pay homage to movies and games that they like. Even the very name Resident Evil is ripped from the game Sweet Home, which is something of a spiritual predecessor of the now-ubiquitous survival horror franchise.

Not everyone is aware of such things, however, and some might mistake recognition as outright theft. This is the case with filmmaker Richard Raaphorst, who directed the Dutch horror film Frankenstein’ Army, and Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Frankenstein's Army
Image: Frankenstein’s Army

In this Dutch B-movie slasher flick, there exist numerous mechanical monstrosities, in the same vein as what players see in Heisenberg’s factory. In the case of one notable monster from Frankenstein’s Army, however, it’s obvious that Capcom very much liked the concept and wanted to give it its own spin.

In Resident Evil Village, the beast is known as Sturm. It’s an armless, ornery creature with an airplane propeller engine where much of its torso should be. Its propeller blades are even chainsaws, and it isn’t afraid to use them to charge at Ethan with murderous intent.

Resident Evil Village Frankenstein's Army
Image: Capcom/ Frankenstein’s Army

In Frankenstein’s Army, there’s a similar monster called Propeller Head. In this case, there are at least a few differences. For one, Propeller Head is at least smart enough not to lop off his own arms. He also is fully clothed, and his propeller is a bit smaller with normal airplane props.

While one can definitely see where Raaphorst is coming from with this, it also isn’t likely to lead anywhere. As it stands, Resident Evil Village’s Sturm is distinct enough that many players also saw the connection, but felt it to be more of a love letter than just pure thievery. Honestly, much of the factory feels like such an homage, as the general gist of the creatures is the same.

As for what Raaphorst intends to do with this revelation, who’s to say.

Until then, you can face Sturm yourself now that Resident Evil Village has been released on all platforms

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