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Resident Evil Survivor
Resident Evil Survivor

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Resident Evil Survivor Returns, in Third Person

A new perspective on an old classic.

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Resident Evil Survivor has always been the black sheep of the original Resident Evil releases on PS1.

It strayed from the original formula of Resident Evil by adopting a first person arcade experience, using the Namco Gun-Con 45 peripheral, though only for its Japanese and PAL releases.

It received mixed-to-negative reviews from critics and players alike, citing the detachment from Resident Evil ,2 and 3, the awkward controls, and the short nature of the game.

However, Aydan Watkins, of Barry’s Mod and Marvin’s Mod fame, will look to bring you Resident Evil Survivor complete in a first person perspective, and playing like a traditional Resident Evil game.

Resident Evil Survivor
Image: BHd

He has currently released a demo to give you an idea of how if will look, and play, and it is impressive.

Resident Evil Survivor
Image: BHd

Such a simple perspective shift has completely changed the atmosphere, and feels like the Resident Evil games we all know and love.

Resident Evil Survivor
Image: BHd

In addition, with the changes to core mechanics of Resident Evil Survivor such as ammo, this will give you the chance to revisit Sheena Island and have a better experience than you did before.

If you want to check this game out, Aydan has released a demo for his Patreon follows, with a public release in the near future.

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