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Resident Evil RE:Verse’s Already Shaky Start Has Gotten Shakier, As Capcom Pushes It to 2022

Yet another delay…

Resident Evil RE:VERSE
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Admittedly, Resident Evil doesn’t have the best multiplayer track record. Aside from the adored Outbreak series, most of the online competitive options that Capcom has given their horror IP have been lukewarm at best. Many were hoping Resident Evil RE:VERSE would buck this trend, but unfortunately, things don’t look great.

Capcom announced last week that RE:VERSE was getting pushed back to an indefinite date next year. This comes after a smaller delay, as the multiplayer game was set to release alongside Resident Evil Village in May.

Why this delay is so large is unclear. It’s possible that Capcom is just that unhappy with how it looks in its current state. This is a little surprising, as the beta for RE:VERSE say a decent amount of play, and many fans were excited to see what else it would have to offer.

Regardless of why Capcom‘s static “2022” announcement is certain to ruffle some feathers. It also raises questions about the version many people have sitting on their platform of choice at this very moment.

After all, since this game was to be bundled with Village, will those that bought the single-player experience get the multiplayer add-on for free, still? If not, what will those who already bought Village get as recompense?

Resident Evil RE: Verse
Image: Capcom

The clouds surrounding RE:VERSE, which has been murky at best from the beginning, have gotten even thicker. Until Capcom is willing to spill the beans on what exactly is going on with it, we only have speculation to go off of.

In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on anything that moves regarding RE:VERSE. While you wait, maybe you can go give Resident Evil Infinite Darkness a watch, over on Netflix.

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