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Resident Evil RE:Verse Beta Live This Week - 1 min read

New beta test coming

Resident Evil RE: Verse

The multiplayer add-on for Resident Evil Village, titled RE:Verse, has seen a couple betas already, allowing players to try it out and see what they think. These betas also bring with them the benefit of stress-testing any servers that Capcom will be using for the matches.

This week, Capcom will be holding another beta of the deathmatch shooter from 7am GMT April 22nd to 7am GMT April 23rd.

Resident Evil RE: VERSE
Image: Capcom

This marks the third beta for the title, though the first was a bit of a disaster. Matchmaking service problems meant that many didn’t even get to play the game, as they were mired in matchmaking hell. Thankfully, the second was a bit smoother, as Capcom slowly but surely smooths out the kinks.


Aside from the beta, players will be able to jump into RE: Verse on May 7th, when it launches alongside Resident Evil Village, coming free for those who purchase the main title.

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