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Resident Evil Resistance is Confirmed to not be Canon

Since it’s reveal, Resident Evil Resistance has caused quite the stir amongst some hardline fans.

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Since it’s reveal (when it was called Project Resistance), Resident Evil Resistance has caused quite the stir amongst some hardline fans. Many feel the asymmetrical multilayer formula doesn’t belong in Resi, but some worry more about the implications for the canon.

However, if you’re the latter, fret not; Capcom has confirmed that the events of Resistance have no bearing on the actual story.

Resident Evil Resistance
Resident Evil Resistance. Image: Capcom

Peter Fabiano (@PFabiano), the producer for Resident Evil 3, confirmed recently in an interview that it was not canon. He stated that the micro-stories told in the multiplayer mode are “impossible to fit in the actual timeline” He also took to Twitter today to further confirm this and clear up the confusion.

This means that, while it’ll be interesting to see a more sadistic side to Annette Birkin, her actions won’t be canon.

Regardless of whether or not this redeems the mode for you, you’ll have access to it come April 3rd.

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