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Resident Evil Resistance Gets Updated Roadmap - 2 min read

Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil Resistance has garnered a highly mixed reaction from fans, with many blaming it for problems they felt Resident Evil 3 suffered from (though Resident Evil 3 started production alongside 2). Other fans find it to be a fun bit of multiplayer, while others still think it has potential, but that it’s not meeting it.

Capcom has thankfully not given up on the game yet. We saw a roadmap a while ago that detailed what addons were going to be coming to the game, and now that most of them have come out, Capcom has updated said roadmap to include July, August, and September.

For July, it looks like they’ll be releasing a heavy load of cosmetic content. This includes skins, gestures, and voice lines.


August will include a rework of the already-existing map Uptown. This likely is the result of seeing how the balancing stacks up through online play. They also hint that more will come out then.

Mysteriously, though it’s on the roadmap, September is simply marked “More Updates to Come”. Hopefully, that means something big will be coming around then.

For those still playing Resident Evil Resistance, this a nice reassurance that Capcom isn’t planning on letting you down anytime soon. Promising content out until September, while not a guarantee, is still better than radio silence.

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