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Resident Evil Resistance Update Brings Nemesis - 3 min read

Resident Evil Resistance Nemesis Nicholai

Only a few days ago we found out that Nicholai would be released for play in Resident Evil Resistance at the end of the week, on May 15th. Now we see what his abilities will be.


Surprising no one, his special B.O.W. is none other than Nemesis himself. It looks like he’ll have his iconic rocket launcher in this case. Nemesis’s abilities are still unclear, but I can speculate a few.

First, I find it likely that he’ll have a tentacle grab. This will likely function the same as it does in the main game, dragging Survivors closer and knocking them off their feet. I imagine the cooldown on that will be a decent length.

Resident Evil Resistance Nemesis Nicholai
Image: Capcom

I also imagine the rocket launcher will actually be an ability, rather than his basic attack. Likely, he’ll punch by default. The rockets will be on a cooldown, where as the punch likely can be repeated.

Finally, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could modify normal zombies as he does in the main game. That would give him lasting effects that survive past him.

Reminder, though, this is the part we haven’t seen in action yet. I’m merely speculating.

Abilities and Passives

As for Nicholai himself, I’m proud to say that I was pretty on point when I guessed that he’d have a firearms focus. However, there’s an added facet I didn’t expect.

Resident Evil Resistance Nemesis Nicholai
Image: Capcom

His primary ability is to turn a camera into a Heavy Rifle. This is pretty on par for his characterization as a heartless soldier. These guns can be used to really tear through the Survivors.

Resident Evil Resistance Nemesis Nicholai
Image: Capcom

Another interesting aspect, however, is his Predator tracking skill. This passive skill allows his rounds to track Survivors throughout the map, rather than lose them off-camera.

Resident Evil Resistance Nemesis Nicholai
Image: Capcom

This tracking facet can affect his cooldowns, such as for Nemesis. It also gives him a bit more information. This means Nicholai fills an interesting Mastermind niche.

Make sure to update your copy of Resident Evil Resistance so you can jump right into the fray with Nicholai and Nemesis!

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