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Resident Evil 2 Retold using Tomb Raider’s Engine

Resident Evil 2 makes a return in another 90s classic engine

Resident Evil retold
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We live in a time where ambitious crossovers are everywhere; The Avengers, Justice League, and even that time where Solid Snake appeared in a Smash game.

It certainly seems like anything is in the realms of possibility when crossing over different art forms.

Image: Zellphie

Now it is Resident Evil‘s time for a crossover. YouTuber Zellphie has developed a total conversion of the original Tomb Raider Level Editor (based on the Tomb Raider Last Revelations Engine) to incorporate many of the cool features of the Tomb Raider games, into Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil retold
Image: Zellphie

Resident Evil REtold

Resident Evil REtold will have you playing as Claire Redfield, you wield Akimbo Pistols as you battle your way, jumping and jiving to the R.P.D, albeit with some eccentric updates to keep you busy and entertained.

The Demo took you right up to the 2F Library Room, with you encountering many of the same creatures and puzzles you did in the original game.

Image: Zellphie

However, it is worth noting that this game is a retelling of the classic story, but this time incorporating Valerie Harmon from Resident Evil Resistance, and an interesting subplot involving Brian Irons and a red Queen-Esque camera system. All of this is complete with original pre-rendered cutscenes and a low-poly remake of Valerie in this engine.

Image: Zellphie

The demo took around 30 minutes to complete, which should quench your thirst temporarily until a full build of the game comes out.

You can download the demo from Zellphie’s Deviantart account here. It’s a completely self-inclusive folder that has everything you need to run the game, Tomb Raider Revelations not required.

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