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Resident Evil Reboot Wraps Up Filming - 1 min read

Well that’s a wrap on the Resident Evil reboot film!

Resident Evil Reboot

Well that’s a wrap on the Resident Evil reboot film!

Today, the official Resident Evil and Sony Twitter accounts announced that the upcoming reboot of the film series directed by Johannes Roberts wrapped up filming.

This comes after about 2 months since filming began in late October, mostly in various locations in Sudbury, Ontario.


This might sound like a very short time, but to give some perspective, Resident Evil: Afterlife filmed in just a mere 55 days and it was on a budget of 60 million dollars. Now obviously, no one is saying Afterlife is a good film, just that this not out of the ordinary.

According to Constantine’s website, the movie is slated to release in September 2021, so there’s plenty of time for editing and other post production.

Hopefully, we’ll see a trailer for the film after the first of the year as we prepare to return to Raccoon City in autumn.


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