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Constantin Film Resident Evil
Constantin Film Resident Evil

Resident Evil News

Resident Evil Reboot Film Tentative for September 2021

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The upcoming Resident Evil reboot movie by Constantin Film, currently filming in Sudbury, Ontario, may just have a release date. Early this week, Constantin updated their website to show the date of 9 September 2021.

Now the Resident Evil reboot film listing on their website is pretty bare-bones, and at the time of this article, still doesn’t include a cast list, but it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see the release of the film before Autumn 2021.

Constantin Film Resident Evil
Image: Constantin Film

Mind you though, that Constantin’s website is in German, but a pass through Google Translate seems to confirm the date means its release as the words “im Kino” after the date translates to “in the cinema“. So expect the film’s release, at least in Germany, to be around this time.

So far it seems that the fan base is being cautiously optimistic of the film, given reactions to the previous film series under the direction of Paul W.S. Anderson, but if one thing is for certain about the new film, attention to detail has been a HUGE part of the film’s process.

Everything seen so far from the public from filming locations around the city of Sudbury has shown that the team creating the movie is really spending thier time to recreate a Raccoon City that is true to both the Resident Evil 2 remake and the original released in 1998.

Most recently sighted is the Raccoon City Orphanage from the remake that is EXTREMELY faithful to source material.

Other noticeable locations from Raccoon City that have been seen from filming are:

Emmy’s Diner- Resident Evil 2 1998

Kendo’s Gun Shop

Bravo Team Helicopter and Spencer Mansion Entrance

Regardless of story direction, the Resident Evil reboot movie will definitely eye candy to both old and new fans of the franchise.

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